Private Equity

Some of the most exciting and rewarding investment opportunities are found outside the mainstream world of stocks and bonds. Those clients who are seeking less conventional - but potentially very lucrative investments may want to consider Private Equity. As global financial markets continue to evolve, private equity investing is growing in scope and in stature, changing the face of traditional portfolios, which up until now have included nothing more than mutual funds, stocks, bonds and cash.

At Faramond we have a number of private equity partners, giving clients access to a wide range of opportunities around the world. A typical private equity offering involves the sale to investors of non-listed shares (private offerings), which are accumulated within a capital pool. In some cases, smaller investment amounts may be considered due to this pooling facility, and there are even funds available which specialize in selecting a diversified spread of private equity companies.

Faramond will never recommend an investment opportunity without first subjecting it to a rigorous screening and vetting process. Investors in private equity must be aware that investments of this nature are generally illiquid and not suitable for all investors. If we feel that any private equity offering from one of our partners is not viable or appropriate, we will be forthright in our recommendations to you.

Types of Private Equity Opportunities include:

Venture Capital
A new company is created or a smaller company is expanded. Very often venture capital is associated with less mature companies in the early stages of development.

Buy Out
The acquisition of a company or a part of a company, often with the use of financial leverage.

Special Situations
Usually an investment in a distressed company, a company that may be on the verge of changing direction, or can benefit by a change in regulations or a one off opportunity.
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